How to Check if your phone is original one or fake

 How to check if your android phone is original or a cloned version

Nowadays in the market there's many phone that look like the original but its not, some are easily to detect but some are very difficult to detect it's a cloned version

Simple step to confirm your phone it's original phone or cloned version

Step 1- Tap your Phone app, open up the dialer, dial*#06# to get your IMEI Number

Step 2-Two IMEI numbers will be displayed copy any of the two or three

Step 3- Open your browser on your phone, visit

Step 4 - paste the imei number you copy in the box  as seen below

Step 5- tick on I'm not a robot as seen below

Step 6-Click on check

Your phone model name and model number will display on your screen

Final Step - Go back to settings, compare the model name and number with the one displayed in site, if it's the same, congratulations your phone is original but if it doesn't match, your phone is probably not original (cloned)

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