How to detect fake alert

How fake alert has been done

 Fake alert mostly done with BULK SME, an can be easily done once ur mobile number is revealed or the scammers have ur mobile number

For them to avoid tracing or any problems they will get a sim for that it will only use for it. 

What they need? 

Ans: they need to get ur account information and ur mobile number 

After get that they will customized a fake message that look like a bank alert but it's not and they will forward it to you

How to detect fake alert 

Whenever you see the alert you must check the message well and confirm that your original account balance in included in just received message

Check it well make sure you see ur remaining balance in the alert 

If the message you received doesn't included ur balance it means something wrong 

Best thing to do is check your account balance using mobile bank app or USSD  

Check ur bank code here 👇👇👇👇👇

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