How to unlock any smart phone without knowing the password

 Password or pin is one of the most effective way of securing your phone from any intruder or theft. But the most annoying thing is that if that particular password, you used in securing your android phone is missing or you have forgotten that same password, then it becomes a problem.

Securing your android phone is very good, but not knowing the pin you use in securing it is horrible. 


However, there is a better means of unlocking your missing pattern, which can easily be done by following the process and procedures below

I am going to highlight three ways on how you can unlock your android smartphone phone, and at the same time you can also use it to unlock someones android smartphone if the person has forgotten his or her own password

1. Through the use of your Gmail account. This in particular is one of the most effective way for you to unlock your android smartphone easily. And you can easily achieve that, if you have consequetively typed in your password or drawn your pattern. After a few seconds, a message shows up beneath the screen. You are advice to click on forgotten pattern or password, after that it takes you to where you are to type in your Gmail account. Please type in your Gmail account, then click on sign in.


2. Through disable pattern or password. In this particular procedure, you are urge to get a memory card and possibly a laptop or a desktop

I. First of all, download zip file or disable patten in your SD card. You can do that using your computer to download zip file into your SD card

ii. Insert that particular SD card into your phone

iii. Head straight to your recovery mode using your computer. You can get more insight using google search engine

iv. Install that zip file

v. Finally reboot your android device, by going to the recovery mode. In this metthod, you need hold down the power button together with the volume button. Click on install zip file. this instantly reopens your phone without a password


3. The third method is quite simple, because it entails you to hold your power button together with your volume button upward. Then click on factory data reset. This instantly wipes and erase all your data's on your phone.

Having done the following procedures, then you can unlock your android phone without a password or pin

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