If someone secretly uses your phone, use this code to check what he/ she looked at

 There is no guarantee that people will respect our privacy and secrecy, some in general will sneak around our WhatsApp chats, and even our SMS's attempting to make sense of what we are stowing away and our undertakings the entirety of this without requesting our consent. 

Our mobile phones never miss storing logs or our usag for example past activity, yet imagine a scenario where he wiped the cache or the ongoing applications tab. This won't restrict you getting whatever he/she did. For instance, you may have a dear companion with you then you give him your mobile phone to check videos, yet he gets the opportunity to take some time before bringing it back. 

He may have nosed about your FB visits or your WhatsApp messages, so how to check? Follow the following procedure to find what he/she did.

How to check usage information

Open your dialer app

Type *#*#4636#*#*

The moment you instantly type the last * it will take you to the testing activity, which you can either choose, phone information, battery information, usage statistics, or Wi-Fi information, we only need usage statistics.

Tap on the Usage statistics and you can either choose to use last time used or the app name.

Note - this code only works with android phones that are powered with snapdragon processors, if the code does work you can try using just *#, #*, or just # at the start of the code.

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