How To Secure Your Phone Number From Being Tracked by some one

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In this time, phone has undoubtedly become everyone's twins. To some people, it has become even more handy more than their hands. Lol. But it's true, almost all our activities are either centered or connected via mobile. Is it our communication and chatting, our businesses, financial transactions, alarms, office works, calculators, photos, musics and videos, even gaming. This is why there is a need to highly secure your phone because it is the readily closest thing after you.

And securing your device is not all about locking it with passwords or fingerprints. Not at all.

Most of our phone communications are being monitored by agents and third parties without our knowledge .

You could be making calls, sending texts, surfing the internet without knowing that some daredevils are somewhere eavesdropping on your private conversations. They will be saving all your information in their database while waiting for the right time to strike.

Now, the question is "how do you know whether your phone number is being monitored?"

And the answer is simply for you to dial *#61# to know if you are a victim. 

• if after dialling that code above, you receive a message like this:

(1) "Voice/SMS/Data... Not forwarded", it means your line is free, you are Safe.

(2) • But if it shows "Voice/SMS/Fax/Data... Forwarded", this means that your phone activity is being monitored by some one

 Now if you are being tracked, this is how to disconnect your sim from their monitoring devices

Dial ##002#. 

After that, no security agent can access your line anymore!! You can be sure of this by dialing *#61# and you will see that all your data are not forwarded

If you find this post very useful, you are definitely good to go.


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